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Storbyens Hjerte og Smerte is a conference that focuses on the well-being of children and young people in the Nordic countries. In 2024 the conference theme is  “Stronger together” with focus on community, collaboration and community.

Storbyens Hjerte og Smerte was launched in 1996 on the initiative of the Nordic Council of Ministers. One of the goals of the Nordic Council of Ministers in matters of children and youth is that “the Nordic countries should be the best place in the world for children and young people.” This means that the Nordic countries will lead in ensuring that children and young people feel good, that they know and are able to exercise their rights and are offered a seat at the table when decisions are made on issues that concern them.

The aim of the conference Storbyens Hjerte og Smerte is to increase collaboration and cooperation between large Nordic cities with a focus on prevention and improving the living conditions of young people. The purpose of the conference is to shed light on youth issues that are specific to large Nordic cities, share research, develop work with young people and build networks between professionals in Nordic cities. The Nordic countries have a similar social structure, so we can learn from each other when it comes to the Nordic countries’ challenges and solutions to improve the living conditions of young people.

The metropolitan conference is intended for professionals, staff, officials, politicians and researchers who in one way or another deal with issues of young people and young people in Nordic cities. The participants of the conference are everything from managers to general workers, from those who work with troubled youth to teachers, from police officers to social workers and much, much more. The content of the conference is related to all those who work with teenagers and young people, regardless of their level of work and profession.

The Metropolitan Conference is held every two years. The host of the conference alternates between the big cities that take part in the project: Aalborg, Aarhus, Bergen, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Odense, Oslo, Reykjavík and Thrån.

In 2024 the city of Reykjavík will host Storbyens Hjerte og Smerte. The main theme of the conference is STRONGER TOGETHER with sub-themes build a Stronger COMMUNITY – Engage in Stronger COLLABORATION – Encourage Stronger COMMITMENT. Before the metropolitan conference, a youth conference with the same main theme is held. The goal of the youth conference is to provide the youth of the Nordic countries with a platform to express their views and opinions, which will be used at the conference in the fall of 2024.

U-LYNC Bakgrunnur Gray - Staight border (1).png
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